Healthy Living

FitBite Chips imports fresh cassava root from Costa Rica. As our primary ingredient, this provides the best healthy alternative to traditional potato chips. Cassava (yucca or manioc) chips provide on average twice the fiber as potato chips while having approximately 40% less fat.

The health benefits of cassava (yucca or manioc) does not compromise taste or flavor of the chip. In fact, our satisfied customers love the taste, quality and thick texture of the chips. Our delicious sturdy texture gives you the versatility of enjoying as a chip or dipping in your favorite salsa or dip.

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Our Process

At FitBite, we strive to bring the best quality food to Canada sustainably. Working closely with our farming partners in Costa Rica, we follow sustainable farming practices. We source our quality Cassava (yucca or manioc) and keep the roots fresh throughout the production process to maintain its nutrients. Our cassava (yucca or manioc) is peeled by hand every morning locally in Richmond, BC to ensure the best quality.

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Our Retail Locations

Retail Locations