Every Bite Matters! FitBite Chips is a proudly Canadian-owned & operated company that produces healthy cassava chips in Richmond, BC. Our freshly imported cassava roots are hand-peeled, cut and fried using only natural ingredients.

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Our Product

Fitbite Chips uses fresh cassava roots as its primary ingredient and is one of the best healthy alternatives to traditional potato chips.

Sea Salt Flavour

So simple, yet so ridiculously tasty. Our classic FitBite Sea Salt chips are carefully crafted using fresh cassava roots. The natural, mild, earthy notes of the cassava roots are enhanced with aromatic sunflower oil, ethnic spices, and sea salt. By balancing the perfect amounts of each ingredient, the delicious flavors of these chips will truly dance in your mouth and satisfy all cravings.


Gluten Free

Frans Fat Free


Spicy Flavour

Looking to jazz up your party? Liven things up with FitBiteā€™s Spicy Flavored chips. The natural, mild, earthy notes of cassava roots are enhanced with aromatic ethnic spices and sea salt. These chips will undeniably pack a punch full of bold, zesty flavours, and will be a real crowd pleaser!