About Us

Our Roots

Made in Richmond, BC

FitBite was founded by a group of friends with a vision to produce quality and delicious food. With our signature brand Fitbite Chips, we aim to bring quality chips to like-minded health conscious consumers. We envisioned using the finest ingredients, which are GMO-Free, organic and affordable for everyone.

With the realization that the production of quality food meant a commitment to making everything from scratch, our first product was the cassava chips. Without sacrificing flavor for convenience by sourcing pre-cut and frozen cassava roots, instead, we had them imported fresh. This basic process was used for creating the rest of our products.

We never settle for convenience if it means a product that is of sub-par quality. Our journey continues to be fueled by friendship and a strong passion to make a difference in the food industry.

Healthy Living

FitBite Chips uses fresh cassava roots as its primary ingredient and is one of the best healthy alternatives to traditional potato chips. Cassava (yucca or manioc) chips provides on average twice the fiber as potato chips while having approximately 40% less fat.
These health benefits do not compromise taste and flavor of the chip. In fact, many of our satisfied customers have provided positive feedback on both taste and quality. As every bite matters, we continue to strive and aim to offer the best quality food for healthy living.